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About us

ionSign believes that B-to-B investment products only survive the transforming competition by creating new value to their users. How? To make them smart and connected.

We want to escort the manufacturers of these products to the smart and connected world by providing solutions combining monitoring and control electronics with connectivity

ionSign was established in 2007 by a group of experts in embedded electronics and remote management. The founders had extensive experience in product development for major companies, especially Nokia. Still a privately held company, we justify our existence every day by providing you value beyond our price.

ionSign has been building the Industrial Internet of Things already before the term was even uttered. We know data collection and transfer, electronics, and embedded as well as server software. Today we are 12 keen professionals and growing.

ionSign is located in the town of Rauma, on the west coast of Finland. This is where all of our design and also most of our manufacturing takes place. Manufacturing, as well as other supporting expertise like industrial design, is arranged through selected partner companies.

Many of our valued clients have trusted us for years. Here are some of them.


ionSign is a member of Cleantech Finland.

More cases:


Awarded municipal climate actions
Ii Municipality

Awarded municipal climate actions

Ii municipality in the north of Finland has taken carbon reduction seriously. The success was awarded with the EU RegioStars prize.
Optimising Industrial Maintenance

Optimising Industrial Maintenance

KP-Servicepartner decided to build their competitive advantage on IoT driven new services.
Remote Industrial Optimisation

Remote Industrial Optimisation

Enersize partnered with ionSign to deliver fast and substantial energy savings, with no additional capital investment.

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