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ionSign is a close-knit group of innovation enthusiasts: engineers, coders and developers. We have a passion in putting things to talk, helping our clients’ businesses to thrive. To do that, we design electronic devices, embed software to them, and design server software to link it all together. Plus we understand how all this links to the businesses we serve.

It all starts with our ideology towards our clients:

  • No Nonsense.
    We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t. We want you to get what you need. If that’s not what you ask, we’ll tell you that too.

  • To the Need.
    Our solution does what’s needed. Nothing more, nothing less. You don’t want to pay for anything else, right?

As an employee, you would add our ideology of working:

  • Experiment. Have fun.

We plan to grab our stake of the Industrial Internet revolution and grow. If you feel for what we talk about here, let us know. We could have a future.

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