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Contact Us

Call or email us:

Call us to +358 2 822 0097
fax us to +358 2 822 0098 
email us to ionsign(at)ionsign.fi
Or just contact the key persons directly:

Mika Kivistö, ionSign Oy Managing Director

Tomi Arvonen, ionSign Oy Chief Engineer

Mikko Sainio, ionSign Oy Head of Sales & Development

Mika Kivistö 
Managing Director

+358 40 760 3503

Tomi Arvonen 
Chief Engineer

+358 40 760 3511

Mikko Sainio 
Head of Sales & Development

+358 40 588 1679

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ionSign is also at Twitter and LinkedIn!

Visit or mail us:

ionSign Oy
Paananvahe 4
FI-26100 Rauma

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