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So easy

When monitoring is not enough, and you need to act on a remote situation, you have a few choices. You can jump to your car or buy a plane ticket and go there. Or you can call up someone out there and give directions. Or you can get a remote control system.

For simple control & alarm tasks, ionSign’s remote control products provide the smartest and most affordable way. Cheaper than a PLC with cellular connection, and much easier to manage, they are the perfect solution for most remote control & alarm needs.

Typical applications include entry, cooling and heating control of remote locations, and control of simple processes like filling, emptying or drying, and keeping rooms and equipment appropriately warm, cool or dry. Also alarms on events like power outages, unauthorised entries or unexpected stopping or starting of equipment are easily signaled to you. ionSign’s ICU61 also fits as a terminal device for top level monitoring and control systems.

ionSign ICU62 Home Control system

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