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ionSign ICU62 makes it incredibly easy to manage the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your home - or home away from home.

Are you Present, Arriving or Away? This is all that ionSign ICU62 needs to know to control your premises just the way you want. Tune heating, cooling and ventilation, cut power or water supplies, and switch on and off alarms with a single change of your status. Present, Arriving or Away - either use a local control button or SMS messages to tell ICU62 what to do.

ionSign ICU62 is the heart of your home control. You can connect various sensors for alarm indication - including burglar, fire, humidity and temperature sensors - and receive alarms to up to five mobile phones. ICU62 also connects to your smart heating and ventilation to create a one-touch control for your complete comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

Just tell if you are...

Present: Everything's running comfortably

  • Heating and ventilation are operating normally
  • All power outlets are switched on
  • All alarms are switched off

Arriving: You're only gone for a while

  • Heating is operating normally
  • Ventilation runs at reduced speed
  • Designated power outlets (e.g. kitchen) are switched off
  • Burglar alarm is activated

Away: Gone away for a longer time

  • Heating is reduced
  • Ventilation is running at minimum speed
  • Designated power outlets (e.g. kitchen) are switched off
  • All alarms are activated and main water supply is cut off

 A perfect companion for the ICU62 is ionSign's BP212 backup power. You'll get notifications of power failures and ICU62 dependent monitoring keeps functional over shorter power failures.

ionSign ICU62 Home Control system

ionSign ICU62 specifications

Integrated 3G/GPRS modem with external antenna
2 analog temperature inputs
Digital humidity and temperature input
4 relay outputs (10 A / 230 V)
SMS control interface and local control button option
Compatible with various sensors for alarm indication
Compatible with various smart heating and ventilation systems
Delivered with power supply, temperature sensors and antenna
DIN rail installation, 6 modules
Simple status-based control: Present, Arriving and Away

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