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Neutron12 turns 12 simple pulse consumption meters into smart meters. It's ideal for setting up submonitoring in larger properties. It's very easy to install, set up and use.

Neutron12 is designed to read any pulse generating utility or energy meter and send the data for aggregation and reporting. It is available either with LAN/TCP-IP or 3G mobile data transfer.

The default reporting of hourly, half-hourly or quarterly data makes it instantly compatible with a majority of energy and utility consumption reporting systems. Additionally, periodical readings may be logged, starting from one minute logging interval.

Neutron12 buffers all data in case of transfer network failures, so data is never lost! ionSign provides a cloud service for data aggregation, reporting and device management. Alternatively, you may transfer Neutron data right to your existing energy or property management system.

Neutron12-LAN in configured with Lantronix's DeviceInstaller. Download a user guide further down on this page, and the software here.

Neutron12 Specifications

12 standard S0 pulse inputs
Integrated web interface or 3G GSM module
Hourly, half-hourly or quarterly logging by default
Easy setup with browser interface or a single SMS
30 day data buffering (@hourly logging)
Delivered with power supply and external antenna (3G-version)

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