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Neutron 12-CT is the most affordable electrical energy monitoring solution. Based on current measurement, it makes separate energy meters obsolete. It is very easy to install and use.

Neutron 12-CT enables energy monitoring when the location doesn't allow for external energy meters or they would be too costly. Installing the opening current transformers is simple, and doesn't require dismantling of couplings. Modbus fieldbus enables cascading the units, connecting to external systems or to ionSign's other field bus devices.

The daily reporting is identical with the other Neutron units. Optionally, periodical readings may be collected, starting from one minute logging interval. The 12 inputs may be used for 12 one-phase measurements, 4 three-phase measurements or any combination thereof. Two 12-CTs can be paired to a virtual 24-input monitoring unit. The units automatically recognise each other, just connect the serial cable!

ionSign provides a cloud service for data aggregation and reporting. Alternatively, you may transfer Neutron data right to your existing energy or property management system. Since Neutron12-CT is not MID certified, it's not fitting for invoicing purposes (fiscal metrology).

Neutron12-CT specifications

12 inputs for current transformers 0-63 A / 0-200 A
30 day data buffering (@hourly logging)
Energy consumption calculated based on current measurement
RS485 Modbus slave fieldbus connection
Delivered with power supply, external SMA antenna and 3 current transformers
Not MID certified, not for fiscal metrology

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