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Neutron4-B lets you collect pulses anywhere. A pulse meter in a hole in the ground can keep sending you consumption reports for up to ten years. Battery operation makes Neutron4-B independent of mains availability.

Neutron4-B battery operated pulse data loggerNeutron4-B is a member of the Neutron family that chooses its own paths. With same basic functionality as Neutron4, designed from the ground up to save power in battery operation, Neutron4-B sets your pulse data logging free. Especially gas and water meters are easily located where there's no mains available. No worries! Neutron4-B logs your data, independently, unattended, for up to ten years on one battery.

Neutron4-B reporting adheres to the familiar Neutron family flexibility. ionSign Cloud is the fastest way to start seeing your data in minutes. Bespoke EMS or FMS platforms are reached with just a little interface tuning. Also commercial clouds are reached simply by forwarding from ionSign Cloud.

Neutron4-B Specifications

4 inputs for pulses
Hourly, half-hourly or quarterly logging by default
Over 3 years of data buffering (hourly logging)
Integrated 3G GSM module
Delivered with external antenna
Battery life up to 10 years (subject to network strength)
Battery voltage monitoring
Single SMS configuration

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