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Gluon GMU331

The Gluon GMU331 is a smart gateway for acquiring data from a large number of Modbus fieldbus sensors, meters, automation systems, and compatible ionSign data acquisition products. Transfer a large amount of data with a single device and network connection!

Gluon GMU331 provides an effortless way of securing a constant Modbus data flow from your remote locations. It is the field device for your IoT and Big Data applications. After initial setup, data is collected and transferred autonomously, without the need of a server or user induced query. Effortless and easy! You don't even have to worry about power or transfer network failures, GMU331 recovers autonomously and buffers any data collected during network downtime.

Combine for example easily with the compatible Neutron15, to collect large amounts of pulse and digital switch data.

Gluon GMU331 Specifications

2 RS485 interfaces for Modbus Master and Slave
Buffering of 13 000 measurements (incl. all 250 Modbus registers)
Integrated web server, LAN connection
Din rail mounting, 3 modules
Compatible with all Gluon products with Modbus connection
Capacity of 32 Modbus devices

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