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Gluon GMU391

Gluon GMU391 is a remote monitoring device for industrial applications. It has versatile analog, digital and Modbus connections and LAN data transfer.

Gluon GMU391 is designed for collecting sensor and meter data through integrated analog and digital inputs, as well as exchange data with field bus automation systems through integrated Modbus master and slave connections. LAN connection enables delivering data to external systems.

The device enables collecting extensive amounts of data, starting from near-on-line sampling frequency. Once set up, the device keeps collecting and transferring data without separate queries. Secure and effortless! If you run out of pulse/digital inputs, extend easily with the compatible Neutron15.

Sufficient data buffering (156 days at 15 min sampling interval) keeps the data secured in case of transfer network failures, ensuring time series continuity.

Gluon GMU391 specifications

8 digital/pulse inputs
10 current loop (4-20 mA) inputs
PT1000 temperature sensor input
2 RS485 interfaces for Modbus Master and Slave
Buffering of 15 000 measurements (i.e. all inputs & 250 Modbus registers)
DIN rail mounting, 9 modules, optional enclosure available
Integrated web server, LAN connection

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