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Gluon PMU261

Gluon PMU261 is a remote monitoring device with digital/pulse inputs and a Modbus Slave connection for data transfer.

Gluon PMU261 is designed for monitoring pulses or digital switch outputs in industrial applications. The device opeŕates as standalone, delivering data to Modbus-connected fieldbus automation. Also, it operates as an extension to the GMU191GMU391GMU491, and GMU331 data collection units, delivering data via either Modbus, cellular or LAN/Ethernet network, through the parent device.

Gluon PMU261 specifications

15 digital/pulse inputs
RS485 interface for Modbus Slave
DIN rail mounting, 6 modules, optional enclosure available
Standalone Modbus device or an extension to GMU191/391/491/331 data collection units

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