Optimising Industrial Maintenance

KP-Servicepartner are a growth oriented family business competing in the crowded industrial maintenance and machining space. They decided to build their competitive advantage on new, efficient, IoT driven services.

KP-Servicepartner originally developed their Apollo asset management system to monitor energy and utility consumptions. With the huge industrial consumptions, even small relative savings resulted in piles of money for their clients.

The next remote monitoring effort was made on cranes, the numerous and critical group of equipment in industrial manufacturing of any kind. KP-Servicepartner now uses a few key measurements from the crane to decide when to go on site for maintenance. Previously, calendar driven crane maintenance generated many unnecessary site visits, and still could not prevent occasional failures. The new way reduces both risk of failure and maintenance cost.

Aki Vuorinen KP-Servicepartner

In a crowded competitive space, we need to innovate new ways to create customer value. In the IoT driven services, ionSign has been an invaluable partner. Their products and expertise has expedited our product launches considerably.

Aki Vuorinen


Top Benefits for KP-Servicepartner

A true competitive advantage, interesting to large customers

A step change in service quality with no cost effect

Fast deployment and realising the benefits

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