Reshaping the Shipping Industry

Marine industry shaper MacGregor teamed up with analytics expert Bigdatapump and sensor specialist ionSign. Together, the three companies form a highly motivated team that aims to change the way data analytics is used in the shipping industry.

MacGregor arranged an innovation day that yielded an idea around cargo flow and safety optimization. This called for smart data retrieval and producing tangible data. The ultimate goal was to maximize cargo area utilization rates. In mid-2016, a functioning proof of concept was designed. Based on the initial success, pilot installations in real-world environments are planned by the end of 2016 and start large-scale production in 2017. Bigdatapump’s expertise is cloud-based analytics, while ionSign specialises in electronics and sensors used in measuring and acquiring data, and MacGregor modifies its own cargo equipment to accommodate the sensor technology.

Bigdatapump and ionSign possess a tremendous amount of in-depth expertise and they are very agile, which speeds up the development process. MacGregor's expertise is in optimized cargo systems and how the marine industry can benefit from them. Bigdatapump and ionSign brought in the competence to build a tangible data gathering solution to support this.

Janne Suominen

McGregor, Cargo System Development

Key Benefits of Partnership

Fast and agile development

All parties win new business and competitive advantage

Partnership creates out-of-the-box solutions

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