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BP212 Backup power

ionSign BP212 is a very compact backup power, suitable for all ionSign and also third-party 12VDC devices.

The built-in NiMH battery gives at least 20 minutes of additional uptime at 500 mA load. The battery is DIN rail mountable and only occupies 2 modules of cabinet space. It has an open collector output for alarm, so power failures can be indicated and logged.

The BP212 backup power is especially suited to accompany ionSign's remote control products ICU61 and ICU62.

BP212 specifications

Input voltage 12 VDC nominal, range 12...15 VDC
Input current 700 mA
Output voltage 12 VDC nominal
Output current 500 mA, peak 800 mA
Backup capacity 20 min at 500 mA
Built-in NiMH battery
DIN rail mounting, 2 modules
Alarm output for power failure indication

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